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Huaao MediaProvide brand dynamic visual system
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Professional services for system integration
Exclusive director, originality.



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Dragon Phoenix Jewelry brand image promotion

Dragon Phoenix Jewelry brand image promotion

Corporate image video is very ...

Plain life

Plain life

Corporate image video is very ...

Guangzhou Huizhuan Tools Corporate Image Film

Guangzhou Huizhuan Tools Corporate Image Film

Corporate image video is very ...

Yongtai Soy Sauce Corporate Image Film

Yongtai Soy Sauce Corporate Image Film

Corporate image video is very ...

Shenzhen Keyi Exhibition Corporate Video

Shenzhen Keyi Exhibition Corporate Video

Corporate image video is very ...

Guangzhou Urban Renewal Video

Guangzhou Urban Renewal Video

Corporate image video is very ...

Saijia Image Promo

Saijia Image Promo

Corporate image video is very ...


Lighting Director: Liu Qinghua

Senior lighting instructor, more than 20 years of experience, participated in the shooting of more than 1,000 commercials and feature films. Former head of the

Director of Photography: Yang Zhimin

He graduated from Beijing Film Academy and has been in business for 23 years.Joined the Pearl River Film Studio in 1995 and participated in the filming of "Xu X

Makeup artist: Feng Wenming

More than ten years in the makeup industryFrom hair stylist to makeup artist, rich industry experience. From hairstyle to overall makeup, he has a strong creati

Creative Director: Li Zheyao

"Creativity is a game for the brave"Graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology,7 years of planning experience,Insist on starting from human na

Production Director: Zheng Shuili

Graduated from South China Normal University12 years as the post-production director of Huaao Media. Participated in the film production of many listed companie

Art Director: Liu Weilin

Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts with 10 years of experience. Lin Chiling Sun Rain Water Heater TVC, Zhang Zhilin Yiji Laundry Liquid, Aba Ding Child

Visual Effects Director: Luo Xinglin

9 years of film and television special effects production,Special effects director of Beijing and Xi'an large-scale musical "Guanyin" and "Thirteen Dynastie

Producer/Director: Zheng Jie

Graduated from Communication University of China, worked for Hunan Satellite TV and many 4A-level advertising companiesWorked for 15 years and served well-known

Production Director: Xia Liang

Director of "G4 Out", Guangzhou TV Station,The documentary "House" won the Grand Prize of the Jury of the China (Guangzhou) International Documentary Conference

Actor and Assistant Director: Kirin

Entered the actor brokerage circle in 2008 and has rich actor resources in Guangzhou. Self-media big coffee, director of "Dumbled Brothers".

Producer: Zheng Haijuan

Joined Huaao Media in 2011 as a producer. Good at resource integration, coordinate the work of various departments, establish a good communication mechanism, an

Account Manager: Tan Fengting

8 years of sales experience, good at communication and organization, assisting the account director to effectively carry out the specific implementation of the

WhyChoose Huaao Media?

HuaaoMedia —— Professional video production service company

Adhere to technological innovation as the core of the company, and devote itself to professional services such as the planning, design, implementation, and release of dynamic vision systems.
Excellent creative team, meticulous management system, excellent quality management, first-class corporate reputation and perfect customer service
Through years of unremitting efforts, the company has produced more than 500 promotional films, TVC advertisements, corporate micro movies and other works, accumulating excellent industry reputation
The core team owned by the company consists of a number of 4A creatives and Zhuying backbones, with film-level production processes and equipment

Always chasing the ball with perfect details and perfect quality, serving more than 100 companies

Backed by Zhujiang Film Group, with film-level operating procedures and equipment

With the director’s main creative as the core, one-to-one communication with the director throughout the film

Gather industry video production elite team, professional achievement high quality

11 years persistence

Just to give you a more professional service

——We speak with works
Digital model

Exclusive director

Go original and crafted

——Give me a chance to achieve your brand

With eleven years of industry accumulation, more than 200 promotional films, TVC commercials, corporate micro films and other works have successfully provided more than 200 companies with cost-effective services and support.

Including Guangwu Holding Group, Guangzhou Urban Renewal Bureau, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Southern Power Grid, China Southern Airlines, Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou Bank, Guangzhou Rural Credit Cooperative, Zhujiang Investment, Vipshop, Midea Group, Chigo Air Conditioning, Omar Refrigerator, Oupai, Danzi Group, Pop Beauty, Shanghai Aimen Plastic Surgery, Daan Stock, Hong Kong Dongcuitang, Wanli Group and many other well-known enterprises and listed companies.

Digital model

Corporate image
Introduce internationally popular advanced technology

In the past ten years, Huaao has successfully provided more than 200 companies with cost-effective services, produced more than 500 promotional films, TVC advertisements, corporate micro movies and other works, accumulating excellent industry reputation.

Intelligent model

Product Promo
Help you establish a corporate image and promote products

Multimedia is a combination of video, sound, graphics, images, text, text, animation and other media to form an organic whole that can achieve certain functions. Multimedia has unparalleled advantages, and is widely favored for its large capacity, interactivity, rich content, and convenient portability.

Sevice good business

Corporate image
Product Promo
Creative video


Creative video
Creative and humorous, full of story

With the help of the Internet, the content is extremely creative, humorous, and full of stories.


Better convey the design concept

A short film with a complete storyline supported by a complete planning and system production system.

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