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Corporate commercials and commercials are essentially different

At present, many small and medium-sized enterprises in the Chinese market have found that the cost management benefits of their corporate advertisements and product display advertisements are higher than hard brochures through the analysis of successful cases of enterprise development. It can effectively and timely promote the economic culture of Chinese enterprises, enhance its own corporate brand image, and better display the company's products and services.


One: Compared with other propaganda media, it has the characteristics of large amount of information, diverse expression methods and convenient communication.

Two: With the beat of the music, you can truly understand the company, culture, products and environment.


Three: The advertisements of corporate advantages are as follows:

1. Low cost

Recommending a movie or product for some movies only costs a few thousands to tens of thousands of yuan per minute, while an advertising design movie costs hundreds of thousands to a few million yuan, so we can effectively save time and a lot of money. The production rhythm characteristics of corporate commercials determine the organic overall quality and integrity of the work, including life pictures and sounds. As far as picture management is concerned, it can be developed into two camera shooting and montage combination shooting. From the perspective of sound, it includes student music, commentary, and unison, etc. In the combination of pictures, you should pay attention to the rhythm and try to be concise and clear. The cost of broadcasting is also much cheaper than hard advertising.

2. Two large amounts of information

Advertisements can only absorb one message, you need to tell the audience any details on the basis of the feature film, clear length and develop your own business or product features, functions, mechanisms and methods. Ozone depleting substances. The use of od can be more comprehensive and clearer, which helps to establish a good corporate image and brand affinity.

3. Convenient and effective

After the company has introduced or promoted the product, the company's development guidance and marketing management personnel do not need to repeatedly introduce to distributors or direct bank customers; due to the detailed design requirements for special films, the user's response attitude can also be continuously improved. The shooting of corporate commercials, whether it is the shooting of the lens, the organization of the picture, or the editing of the later, must pay more attention to the artistry, and have higher requirements in composition, color, transition, etc., and excellent computer special effects to organize the film Played a certain role. Make the audience feel novel and improve the effect of cultural promotion and training.


Four: The functions of corporate product advertisements mainly include

1. It can effectively improve the status and image of the enterprise. Currently, TV special effects production companies are mostly powerful and large-scale units.

2. It can be announced on TV, and the video media needs to be edited for different lengths of time. Give full play to the joint role of corporate product promotion and press conferences.

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