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How to make urban promotional videos better?

In the urban video shooting, how should we establish a complete video to show the natural environmental landscape, cultural heritage, folklore, cultural and social life of Chinese cities. This is not only one of the major advantages and biggest highlights of my country's urban promotional films, but also one of the strongest means to promote urban eco-tourism and develop into an urban market economy. Many different cities are planning and managing their own business cards for the city's attributes and external image. How to make urban promotional videos better?


1: Look at the atmosphere

When shooting natural scenery in urban promotional films, cameramen often use long-distance shooting according to creative intentions and planning concepts, using fixed lenses, shaking, and moving shooting techniques to perfectly show the magnificent momentum of natural landscapes, endless spaces, and more. Level of scenery and natural and elegant environment.

Two: gorgeous scenery

In view of the natural scenery and natural landscapes, their magnificence is separated by a distance, and they generally look back at the colorful beauty of the past. The idea of shooting and the photographer have a sense of visual appreciation from the audience to meet the needs, divide the area, and layered shooting to show the natural scenery and colorfulness.


Three: Appreciate and enlarge the natural beauty

During the shooting of urban cultural propaganda films, it can not only meet the needs of the audience to view the grandeur of the natural environment landscape from a distance, and the visual system needs of the natural ecological landscape. It also allows the student audience to appreciate the subtle beauty of the natural language landscape design. . The cameraman uses close-up or close-up shots to focus on the subtle beauty of a natural resource landscape by changing scenes, focusing on showing the green leaves, crystal dew, blooming flowers, swaying grasses, etc., all through corporate choice , Amplify the subtle beauty of the landscape, giving people a rare visual art enjoyment and emotional expression.

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