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Which industries in Guangzhou need to shoot and produce corporate videos?

We all know that Guangzhou is the main area of the Pearl River Delta and is a very good economic development zone. It is a developed region and the total economic output of the two regions can basically exceed half of the Pearl River Delta. So these two regions also gather companies from all walks of life. Which industries in Guangzhou need to shoot and produce corporate videos?


One: Companies in the service industry are more in need of producing and shooting technical corporate culture promotional videos, and this type of companies are mainly distributed in Guangzhou, of course, there are also developments in Guangzhou. Companies in this type of service industry belong to the tertiary industry. Often, the products of this type of analysis company are intangible. For our intangible products, they are often intangible and sometimes very abstract. Companies in different industries urgently need to be able to provide their own companies, products to the outside world and customers in a direct and intuitive way to understand the students themselves, and making some corporate videos is such a way to compare countries.

Two: Those professionals who want to highlight their own soft power, education companies in Guangzhou also need to shoot corporate videos. For example, in the education and training industry, if you want to show people how good your training organization is, the best way is to show them what kind of students you have trained, what kind of courses and rehearsals you have organized, What kind of teaching environment, these can be directly presented in the form of video.


Three: Companies in the manufacturing technology industry of large factories and large-scale company products also need to use shooting and production methods to produce a corporate culture propaganda film, especially in Guangzhou, where the cost of this type of enterprise will be more. Often this type of business management wants to introduce to the outside world or through customers how our strength here is. They are used to using their own factory floor area, production and processing technology, and how many patents they have obtained to show the strength of the company. . The delivery room for the information display is large, and the professional aerial camera is used to shoot directly from the air, which will have a strong visual design effect, and it can also intuitively provide customers with the area of the display plant. As for the craftsmanship in the social production process, it is very good to use the lens to analyze the production network video in my country from a subtle perspective.

Four: Those Guangzhou companies that need a large number of distributors and sales channels also need to shoot and produce corporate videos, and also need to produce such high-end, because these companies often hold business meetings, participate in professional exhibitions, and large-scale dealer-oriented activities. During the period of holding or such events, they are generally indoors. If the indoor events are simple ppt speeches, it will be dull and boring. A better choice is to play a corporate video during this period, which will make the invited dealers Learn more about the business.

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