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What are the usual tips when shooting commercials?

An advertisement not only directly affects the ratings, but also greatly affects the quality of the company or the product. Therefore, an advertisement of the company occupies a very important position. So when shooting the most basic skills that need to be mastered, let the commercials shoot better.


One: looking for feel

The hand feeling we are talking about here refers to the grasp of the manual adjustment of the camera. The brightness, focal length and focus of the camera all need to be manually adjusted by the cameraman, especially for novices, who need to pass certain experience to accumulate the society to have a hand feeling. .

Two: use aids

Shooting commercials without shaking, the so-called "one shake to destroy everything", in most cases, it is difficult to guarantee that the hands will not shake, this requires some assistance, helping to solve the tripod is the most basic force, sometimes you can use temporary tables, chairs instead .


Three: zoom processing

Zooming is indispensable during the shooting of commercials, but it is not a simple one to master. Please remember that we must focus on corporate fixed lenses, and do not overuse zoom. When dealing with changes in the picture, we must carefully analyze and consider student angles, location information and various sizes, and use our different product combinations to make continuous changes. The correct zoom method: Advancing the country at a constant speed or zooming out to complete the shooting of the commercial at one time, instead of being close and far away, this will cause serious social impact on the shooting effect.

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