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How many processes are there in film post-production?

In the video age, viewers seem to have become accustomed to video, usually post-production video ads must be divided into: first down, formal editing, composition and election of music, speech synthesis, and adding special effects. How many processes are there in film post-production?


One: First cut

The editing staff can usually do it on the computer, so the filming material needs to be transferred to the computer after being transferred to the computer before the film director and editor can start the initial editing. In the initial editing session, the film director will piece together the shooting material pictures in the order of script design and production, and cut them into a version with animation special effects, no narration and background music.

Two: editing

After the initial confirmation of the guest editing, it can enter the formal editing stage, which is what we often call detailed. In the fine-cutting part, the first point of view that I saw put forward the initial cut according to the customer's correction, and then went through the special effects synthesis work, and the movie advertising part. Part of the work screen theater advertisement for completeness.


Three: composition and selection

The music of the commercial can be composed and selected. The two differences are that if you are composing, the development of advertising films has a unique music that can be perfectly combined with the picture, but the cost of the company will be more expensive; if we do not choose the music ourselves, it is economical in terms of cost management. But this problem is not original. It may be necessary to use this music in other advertising movies.

Four: add special effects

This is a relatively critical stage. Create special effects where you cannot shoot alone or where the effect is poor. Very professional special effects production software will be used here.


Five: dubbing synthesis

At this stage, narration and dialogue need to be completed. When the narration and dialogue are complete and the music is ready, the sound engineer will pair the advertisement with the sound effects so that all the elements of the sound part of the advertisement are prepared. The last step is to put all the elements together.

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