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How to efficiently shoot corporate videos with multiple cameras?

When we are shooting some large-scale companies and enterprises, the project is huge. In order to improve the coordination of the work between employees in various departments, it is often necessary to use multi-camera shooting, so that shooting from different angles, the actors may only need The number of shots can be accumulated and developed by performing one or two times. In order to ensure that the lens of the corporate video is accurate, multi-camera shooting technology can better and more comprehensive knowledge transfer information, and provide viewers with visual design effects by using multiple angles and scene switching. The editor of this article introduces to you how to efficiently shoot corporate videos with multiple cameras?


1. Several methods of multi-camera shooting

Multi-camera shooting standard type: three different cameras in the performance area, one in the audience area, and one through the rocker.

Multi-camera shooting simple type: three seats in the performance area and one in the audience area.


Two: Two ways to shoot with multiple cameras

When filming, the filming of different cameras is directed by the director or director. One is that the director arranges in advance, and the other is that the "director" conducts on-site command and control of the shots needed during the shooting process.

1. Complexity shooting

It is specifically targeted by the camera site commander, and the seats are set to content-based performance. In order to show, for example, we need to show the performance area, the audience area consists of two parts. In this way, the audience area allows the aircraft to be determined. In terms of performance, the overall performance needs to be shown, actor mid-range, close-up actors. In terms of performance, three seats can be judged as panoramic, medium and close-up. If you want to feel the atmosphere and overall performance, you need a rocker.

2. Simple shooting

Before shooting, the director arranges the shots, such as "meetings" and "events".


3. Multi-camera shooting technical perspective analysis of fixed asset standards: Before shooting, set up a camera. The camera setting is based on the lens of several different camera positions and we can explain the content of the relevant programs as the standard. After you start shooting by yourself, the fixed camera position does not move, and the moving position also moves within a certain range, so setting the position is very important.

The basic setup requirement is to be able to shoot the following:

1. A panoramic view of the performance area;

2. Small panorama host, guest;

3. Host, guest, medium shot and close shot;

4. The audience's small, medium, close, close-up, multi-camera shooting methods can generally be used for shooting on special occasions, such as a conference speech by an important historical figure, the scene of a TV program, etc.

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