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What are the skills and precautions for shooting commercials?

With the development of the times and faster economic growth, various advertising promotion methods continue to innovate. From the traditional rolling advertising advertising styles, soft text advertising, graphics and video advertising, the road to the development of advertising. What are the skills and precautions for shooting commercials?


1. The video advertisement can be in the process of shooting, and the pause state should not be too long. The pause state refers to the recording pause state of the recorder and the playback pause state. When we shoot, the recording drum rotates at a high speed and closely surrounds the tape to keep still on the drum, and for a long pause time, the mutual wear between the magnetic head and the tape will be more serious. At present, the video recorder has an automatic protection device. When the pause time exceeds a predetermined time, the tape slack is automatically released from the head.

Second, video advertising can be filmed during the work process, each shot should be recorded 3 to 6 seconds in advance. Because the video recorder can walk at the normal development speed from the stop to the tape, there is a system servo control process. This teaching process is unstable through the recorded images; another main reason is that the editor of the post-data learning and editing We have to lock the screen continuously for at least 3 seconds before the student material is required to bring a person with a different lens to click. Use this to improve signal technology as a reference for self-editing synchronization between video recorders. If the company is less than 3 seconds, the editing point screen will jump. If the VCR records continuously, you do not need to record for 3 seconds first. If you press the stop button or turn off the power and start recording, you should record for 3 seconds first.


3. When shooting a video advertisement, do not stop the camera immediately after one action is taken or the entire shooting ends. At the end of the shooting scene, for example, a photographer, do not turn off the phone immediately. Instead, let the actor stand up and speak again after a few seconds, leaving an additional cut. At the same time, taking into account the screen shots and the length of a long period of time longer than actual use, the later technical requirements.

Fourth, in the video shooting for advertising, it is necessary to take some characteristic shots. The characteristics of the shooting lens enable people to identify the location of the incident. In case of a traffic accident, the crashed vehicle cannot be photographed casually. Road signs or buildings should be photographed at the crash site.

5. In the video commercial shooting, it is necessary to pass the shooting and some transition shots. The transition shot is a short shot. It is very useful to maintain the continuity between the two shots, but it should be linked to the actual event. Draw the subject into the screen, close to the blocking lens, away from the lens, etc. There should also be some empty shots, such as blue sky and white clouds, flowers and trees, for editing. The feature full-length lens allows people to identify signs or buildings that have occurred.


6. Take notes when shooting video ads. This should be a common sense shot. Be careful to record every shot at the beginning of the shot and the passages that can be shot accurately in the shooting log, which is conducive to later editing.

Seven, in the video advertising shooting, we also need to consider the combination of different scenes of the enterprise. Should consider the panorama, medium shot, close-up.

8. The video can be used for advertising, and should try to avoid the bright spots in these pictures. If there are high bright spots in the picture, the contrast of the picture is larger, the effect is not good, and it is too bright or too dark.

9. When shooting video advertisements, you should avoid direct sunlight and not direct lenses to avoid scalding the camera tube.

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