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What's the point of making great efforts to make urban promotional videos?

City promos are a form of communication between filmmakers and audiences. Regardless of the video production on the Internet, we often see that in life, all kinds of photos and videos are made into exquisite videos. In modern society, more and more popular video production, video production software came into being. In addition to downloading software on the computer for video production, some mobile video production software has become more and more popular. Blur the boundaries of video production. Shooting small clips with a simple editing method can become today's video production. Therefore, the success of the city's image is directly related to the quality of the film. What's the point of working hard to make a city promotion film?


One: The iconicity of city brand image film reviews in the production of film and television works in Guangzhou is a process in which pictures, videos, backgrounds, and music can be researched, re-edited, integrated, and organized to generate new video data files. It is not only the synthesis of raw materials, but also the reprocessing of raw materials. The use of computer vision language skills in urban development film and television cultural reviews has a certain strong motivation, and it is easy to impress the audience.


2: The edited image of the city's promotional film is lively

Video production on the Internet is a simple way to make a small movie clip also known as video production. The main function of the city propaganda film is to serve the main body.


Three: This explanation is metaphorical

In the creation of the commentary of the city image propaganda film, careful selection of school motto not only adds color to the entire film, but also deeply reminds the ideological connotation of the city image propaganda film, which is of great benefit to the audience.

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