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  • APTOTO Micro Film

APTOTO Micro Film

APTOTO Micro Film

The content of micro-films is quite extensive, including colorful humor, witty and funny, fashion trend, public welfare education, commercial purpose, and so on. Therefore, watching a micro-movie is like watching others live, which is inspiring.

APTOTO Micro Film
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APTOTO Micro Film

Exclusive director, original and original creation

Customize an artistic business card for the enterprise

Guangzhou Huaao Advertising Co., Ltd., referred to as Huaao Media.

Huaao Media was founded in the year of the Chinese Olympics.

The core team is composed of a number of 4A creatives and Zhuying backbone, with film-level production processes and equipment.

With unique, sharp creativity, perseverance and professionalism, Huaao provides professional services for the planning, design, execution, and release of the brand dynamic visual system.

In the past ten years, Huaao has successfully provided more than 200 companies with cost-effective services, produced more than 500 promotional films, TVC advertisements, corporate micro movies and other works, accumulating excellent industry reputation.

Creative concept: Exclusive director, originality.

Practicing belief: let creativity create benefits, let images influence.

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